ICVM Membership

"I have been an active, ICVM member since 2002 when I attended my first ICVM conference in Los Angeles. Over the past decade I have made lasting friendships, gained prayer partners and filmmaking friends to share stories and concerns with. There are now over a dozen Christian filmmakers just from my home state of Minnesota who have joined the ICVM family and we have collaborated on more than one film project. I have received trusted legal advice, gained valuable script consultation, business ideas and so much more as a result of staying connected with ICVM members. The value in maintaining an ICVM membership far outweighs the cost and I encourage you to prayerfully consider joining. Network with those seasoned in visual media and with those who are new and eager for what lies ahead for us and the world. Respond to the call, The Time is NOW!"

- Marcy Grams, iCVM Board Secretary